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Magnuson’s MP900 TVS supercharger

Magnuson MP900 TVS supercharger

$2450.00 USD

It utilizes EATON’s latest 6th Generation supercharger rotor technology found in such industry leading performance vehicles as the Corvette ZR-1, the Cadillac CTS-V, and the 2013 Mustang GT500. These Twin Vortices Series Superchargers feature a pair of four-lobe, high-helix rotors with 160-degrees of overall twist that are housed in Magnuson’s patented high-flow housing. This highly efficient package requires less power to drive, delivers cooler discharge temperatures, and is much quieter than many of its competitors.

The CARB approved MP900-TVS supplied by Fast Forward Superchargers has been developed to be a direct bolt-on replacement for the MP62 supercharger used in current production. Due to the increased cost of the TVS supercharger, we will continue use of the MP62 for our standard kits. We are making this available as an option for those who want the latest and greatest in technology and are willing to pay the increased cost. As shown on the current customer kits, the MP62 is quite capable of 200 WHP+ with no issues and with the proper setup as shown on the Fast Forward Superchargers test car, even 300HP+ is obtainable.

We will have these available to order in the second quarter of 2015. Delivery will be 6-8 weeks after order. The price adder to the kit is $600.

For those with existing MP62s, we will have the MP900-TVS available for outright purchase for $2450 plus shipping. For those with Hotside MP62 supercharger kits from other vendors that wish to convert to the MP900-TVS, the price is the same, $2450. LEAD TIME IN STOCK to 6 WEEKS on TVS900