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 Component Descriptions

ECool™:              A single fuel injector mounted pre-blower to add extra fuel for the added horsepower as well as cool the intake charge air well below the threshold of knock, thus eliminating the need for an intercooler.

70mm Throttle Body:              Large throttle replaces the 55mm stock throttle body.  Effectively a 62% increase in cross sectional area allowing the the increased air flow needed for higher horsepower.

CARB:               California Air Resource Board is the air quality branch of the California government that oversees, among other things, the emissions from automobiles.  They require strict laboratory testing in order for an automotive aftermarket company to receive approval to sell product for use in California.  Typically California Emissions testing is significantly tighter and, equipment that passes CARB will typically pass anywhere.  Fast Forward Superchargers listing can be found at under listing D-617-2.  There is a subsequent listing D-617-2 that also includes 1990-1993 Miatas but is not yet on the CARB website.  However, it is available to the CARB Testing Stations. CARB is only for 1990-2003. 2004 and 2005 has NO CARB approval.

WHP:              The designation for horsepower as measured on a dyno (Fast Forward Superchargers uses a DynoJet 248) at the wheels.  This is different than typical manufacturers horsepower specifications which are typically BHP (Brake Horse Power) which is measured are the flywheel of the engine and does not take into consideration the drivetrain losses.  There is typically a 17% difference in those numbers with BHP being 17% higher than WHP.

Automatic Belt Tensioner:              The Fast Forward Supercharger system utilizes a separate belt drive system from the stock 4 rib belt typically used by others.  This system uses a 6 rib pulley on the blower and a special 6 rib pulley mounted in front of the stock crank pulley with a 6 rib belt.  The tension is constantly compensated for changes in load as power increases and decreases by a Gates automatic tensioner idler pulley with a constant force spring.

High Flow Fuel Rail:              The kits come with a special Fast Forward Superchargers High Flow Fuel Rail to bring uniform fuel pressure/flow to each of the main injectors.  The stock fuel rail is approximately 3/16” ID and the Fast Forward Superchargers fuel rail is 3/8” ID Providing for up to 4 times the fuel without pressure loss.

Cast Intake Manifold:              The Fast Forward Superchargers proprietary cast intake manifold is cast from virgin (no recast materials) aluminum.  It is cast to near net shape and finish machined on a CNC mill.  This intake manifold was designed and flow tested at over 300 horsepower to maximize flow uniformity.